Where will Joseph of Cupertino Classical Academy be located?

Our Academy will be located at St. Thomas More Catholic Parish in Irvine.  

Which grades will JCCA offer?

JCCA will launch its Upper Academy classes for 7th-10th grade in the fall of 2024. We will expand to offering Grade 11 in 2025, and Grade 12 in 2026.

Our Lower Academy offering for 2024 includes Grades 1-6. Our long-term vision is to offer a K-12 Academy on one property in Orange County.

What class sizes can students at JCCA expect?

Small classes will be offered, ranging from 10-18 students per teacher.

Is JCCA is a school or a homeschool?

JCCA is a Private School Satellite Program (PSP), which is an organization formed to support homeschooling needs. JCCA will operate as your homeschool administrator by maintaining your student’s records, cumulative records, attendance, health records, grades, and high school transcripts. The Academy files the annual Private School Affidavit, covering your student in California. 

JCCA’s courses will be included on your student’s transcript, as a part of our homeschool program. We are also capable of recording appropriate outside activities (additional classes taken on Wednesdays and Fridays) on transcripts.

Will JCCA faculty be credentialed?

JCCA plans to recruit faculty within our local, faithful Catholic community. Teaching degrees are not required, however, a strong emphasis will be placed on in-class observations and evaluations.

If you are interested in becoming involved as a JCCA faculty member, please submit our faculty interest form so that we can connect with you.

Which curriculum will JCCA utilize?

JCCA will offer a Catholic, Latin-centered curriculum with a proven track record. The curriculum is accessible at home as well as within the traditional classroom environment. Our score and sequence can be located on our website in the “Academics” section.

JCCA plans to join the Classical Latin School Association and utilize its classical core curriculum. Accreditation with the CLSA will be sought after our founding year.

What is done during “at-home” days?

JCCA is a complete, Catholic, classical curriculum. Professional teachers instruct students in their areas of expertise and provide assignments for both school and home. On Wednesday and Friday “at-home” days, parents continue instruction and monitor their students’ progress. The family works together to facilitate a learning environment in the home.  

There is no need to supplement JCCA’s curriculum, however, your student’s “at-home” days provide the flexibility for additional tutoring, enrichment, field trips, and family time. Many families use the “at-home” days for extracurricular activities such as music lessons and sports.

Will assessments be required for enrolling students?

Each incoming student will be required to take a placement assessment. The assessment will aid us to evaluate each incoming individual’s placement, and to ensure appropriate courses for the child’s academic development. 

What is the cost of attending JCCA?

JCCA will be a private, tuition-based program. Keeping tuition affordable is part of JCCA’s vision. Its hybrid approach, fundraising, volunteerism, and sibling discounts will help to maintain reasonable tuition for families. A detailed tuition and fee schedule can be found in the “Tuition & Fees” section of our website for the upcoming 2024 academic year.

May I enroll my charter school student at JCCA?

JCCA is unable to enroll charter school students directly, nor receive funds from the state of California. We will not maintain cumulative records for charter students, including attendance, grades, transcripts, and health records. JCCA discourages charter program enrollment due to the added workload, charter requirements, and conflicts of interest. Charter families choosing to take classes at the Academy are required to inform the Academy to avoid conflicts. JCCA high school students may not be enrolled in a charter program while attending the Academy.

Will a uniform policy be implemented at JCCA?

Yes, uniforms will be required for students at JCCA, for unity, modesty and to place value on our Academy days. Vendor information will be sent to Academy families during enrollment.