True education begins with the understanding that every person is created in God’s Own image, with the power of intellect to know truth, and the power of will to love goodness.

​At Joseph of Cupertino Classical Academy, our primary goal is the religious formation of our students. We adhere to the Catholic faith as set forth in the Magisterium of Scripture and of Tradition. Our program is dedicated to preserving, maintaining, and teaching the rich practices and beliefs of the Roman Catholic Church. Students attend daily Mass, begin class in prayer, and celebrate the liturgical year with religious processions, celebrations, and devotions. 

As a classical program, the great works, beauty, and true ideas of Christianity are woven through each academic subject. Our studies reflect a Catholic worldview, and our teachers guide discussions through the lens of the Catholic faith. This rigorous curriculum combined with our emphasis on the family provides opportunities for students to encounter, develop and practice virtue in all areas of their lives, thus preparing them for earthly and eternal life.

Joseph of Cupertino Classical Academy’s
approach emphasizes the parents’ role as primary educators as ordained by God. Through our partnership with parents, we support and strengthen the relationships within the Domestic church. Together, parents and the JCCA community strive to model virtue and the spiritual life in the community.

Finally, our faculty, administrators and board members strive to inspire holiness in our scholars, and to imitate Christ, the true teacher, not only in their work, but in the entirety of their lives and actions.

“Pray to God: ‘You are the Spirit and I am only the trumpet, and without Your breath, I can give no sound.”
-St. Joseph of Cupertino

“Remember that education is a matter of the heart, of which God is the sole master, and we will be unable to achieve anything unless God teaches us, and puts the key in our hands.”
– St. John Bosco