ORANGE COUNTY, CA – MARCH 1, 2024 – Joseph of Cupertino Classical Academy (JCCA), Orange County’s only Catholic classical hybrid school, is thrilled to announce the appointment of Joseph Cunningham as its new Academy Director, effective March 1, 2024. Cunningham brings a wealth of experience in education and leadership to JCCA, poised to guide the academy into an inaugural year of growth and academic excellence.

Cunningham earned a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts from Thomas Aquinas College where he studied the liberal arts and sciences through the Great Books of Western Civilization with a particular focus on Philosophy and Theology. He also holds a Master’s Degree in Sacred Theology from the International Theological Institute, a Pontifical University in Austria.

With an extensive background in classical education, Cunningham has served in various capacities, from teaching and curriculum development to administrative leadership. His passion for classical education, combined with a deep commitment to the Catholic faith, aligns perfectly with JCCA’s mission to provide a rigorous, virtue-driven educational environment. Cunningham’s leadership comes at a pivotal time as the academy prepares to open its doors in the fall of 2024, offering a unique hybrid model of education that combines the best of traditional schooling and homeschooling.

Cunningham shared his enthusiasm for his new role, stating, “I am honored to join the Joseph of Cupertino Classical Academy as we embark on our exciting mission to form students along the path of the Catholic intellectual tradition. With the help of our Blessed Mother and with Christ as the heart of an integral program, we begin with wonder and work toward wisdom! I look forward to working with parents, our dedicated staff, students, and the broader community to foster growth in virtue through an academically rigorous, authentically Catholic, Classical Education.”

JCCA’s innovative approach to education has already garnered significant interest from the Orange County community, with over 110 families expressing their interest in the academy in its inaugural year. Under Cunningham’s leadership, JCCA is set not only to meet but also exceed expectations, providing a much-needed comprehensive, classical education grounded in Catholic values.

Chantal Ricci, President of the Board of Directors, expressed her optimism and support for the new direction under Joseph Cunningham’s leadership. “Under Joseph Cunningham’s direction, JCCA will continue the board’s efforts and ignite the institution as a beacon of excellence in classical education, inspiring our students with the wisdom of the past and equipping them with skills for the future.” 

Inside the Resource-Rich Library of the Upcoming Joseph of Cupertino Classical Academy, Where Dedicated Educators Lay the Groundwork for Classical Excellence and Virtuous Learning.

“His dedication to fostering an environment of Catholic formation, and a partnership with parents through the hybrid approach is exactly what our academy stands for,” Ricci remarked. “This transition heralds a promising future for the academy, as it upholds its commitment to providing excellence in education ordered toward the divine life, which teaches children how to think and thus empowers them to become lifelong learners.”

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More About JCCA:
Joseph of Cupertino Classical Academy is a hybrid, homeschool curricular program, which includes a rigorous classical curriculum, character development, spiritual formation, and enrichment in the classical tradition. The hybrid style embraces and combines the strengths of traditional school and homeschooling.


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